Affordability in Social Consciousness

Once quantified, the amount of waste American produce is alarming. The average adult person produces 4.4 pounds of waste a day3, creating a yearly average of 1,606 pounds. Within Mclean County alone, 172,290 individuals generated “approximately 226,000 tons of waste” in 2015.1,5 However, there are ways reduce the amount of waste both individuals and businesses contribute to the landfill.


Waste reduction in general will help both current and future residents live in a cleaner environment. Even better is if you can reduce waste while contributing to a higher cause. One solution is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, a socially conscious alternative to get rid of your household goods which would otherwise end in a landfill. The ReStore is a donation center and store, which sells reasonably priced donated items to the community. In this way, supporting the ReStore relieves the stress of donors finding a sustainable way to dispose of unwanted, albeit useable, items while minimizing the financial burden of shoppers wanting to furnish their home or business. This year alone, the Bloomington ReStore has sold over 100,000 household and home improvement goods.


Although there is a surplus of useable items that are being tossed to the curb, poverty is an issue within the Bloomington-Normal community. Many people in the area cannot afford household goods at retail price. The percentage of the population living below the poverty line in Bloomington and Normal is 12.9% and 22.2% respectively4. Donating gently used items to the ReStore gives families and individuals access to affordable essential goods that make a house a home!


The Habitat ReStore has made it hassle-free to donate your unwanted furniture, appliances, décor, office supplies, and building materials. The ReStore has a newly-constructed covered donation drop-off, which is accessible Tuesday – Friday 10am-4:30pm and Saturday 9am-3:30pm. If you are unable to transport your items, the ReStore offers an additional method for those living within a 15-mile radius of the store: free donation pick-up. The donation pick-up can be scheduled online at


Donating items to the ReStore can truly change your neighbors’ lives, both through affordable goods and because all proceeds from ReStore sales build homes locally with Habitat for Humanity of McLean County. Donate today!


Modified from a class paper by Kamya Perry, Andrew Kash, Kevin Ahern for Illinois State University’s "Writing Business & Government Organizations Resources"


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