Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

The ReStore can be a bit of a mystery at first.This resource provides answers to your most-asked questions about ReStore Basics, Shopping, Payment, Donating, and Volunteering


ReStore Basics

What are your hours?Volunteer with supervised carpentry work.

We are open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 9am-4pm. We are open to the public--anyone can stop by anytime during these hours!


Where are you located?

Our address is 1402 W. Washington in Bloomington. There is a map on our Facebook page and at the bottom of any page on our website if you need directions.


How is the ReStore connected to Habitat for Humanity?

All the proceeds from ReStore sales go directly to Habitat for Humanity of McLean County, allowing us to build more homes with more families right here in our community. In recent years, ReStore revenue covered over 90% of Habitat McLean’s operating expenses.


How does the Habitat ReStore help the environment?

In collaboration with our donors and shoppers, we keep hundreds of thousands of items out of the landfill each year. When a building material or household product is donated to the Habitat ReStore then bought by a community member, that item is reused instead of being thrown away. We are also able to recycle tens of thousands of pounds of items we could not sell, further preventing more garbage in and around our community.



What kind of items do you sell?

We specialize in homewares, furniture, tools, appliances, and building materials, but you can always find a fun surprise at the ReStore. Our items range from brand new to gently used to fixer-uppers. There are a few items we never sell, like clothes, dishwashers, and mattresses. Almost everything we sell are donations from community members and businesses. To see a more complete list of items we sell, visit our "Donate" page or check out our Facebook page for daily inventory updates.


Do you hold items?

We cannot hold items before they are purchased. Once an item has been purchased, we can hold it for up to 3 ReStore operating days. One way to "claim" an item is to purchase it through our eBay page.

*Note: We only post specialty items and collectibles on eBay, so only items already posted on our eBay page are able to be claimed in this way.


Do you deliver?

We do not deliver. We have a list of trusted delivery services at our register. We do have a truck, which is reserved for free pick-ups for people who would like to donate items to the ReStore.


Shop lightly used and working stoves and stove tops.Are your items tested? 

We test all our electronics and electric appliances. We are unable to test gas appliances. All our large appliances come with a 15-day warranty in case they no longer work within 15 days of you bringing the item home. 


Do you accept returns?

While we hope everyone loves every item they take home from the ReStore, we cannot accept returns. The only exception are items that come with our 15-day warranty. (See previous question for more details.)


Do you carry mattresses/box springs?

We do not carry mattresses or box springs, but we recommend Kern Mattress Outlet for discounted items or Recycling Furniture for Families for one-time furniture aid. For a full list of the items we accept, check out our donation page. We do carry bed frames and head/footboards in a variety of sizes and styles.




Can I pay over the phone or online?

Unfortunately we can only accept in-person payment. The exception is when you shop via our eBay page. When you purchase via eBay, your item will be held for you in-store or mailed straight to you!


What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, or credit. We cannot accept checks. For monetary donations to support the ReStore or Habitat for Humanity of McLean County directly, we are able to accept checks.


Can you negotiate on prices?

Our prices are fixed, but we have weekly sales. We also have a tag system that is set up so that the longer an item stays in the store, the more discounted it becomes. (See next question for more details.)


How do the colored tags work?

We have 5 colors that are rotated the 1st and 15th of every month. The 2 most recent colors are full price, then the next oldest colors are 25%, 50% and 75% off respectively.


What items do you accept?

We accept most homewares, tools, appliances, and building materials that are in good condition. There are a few items we never accept (like clothes, dishwashers, and mattresses) and occasionally we put certain items on hold due to space constraints. For a complete list, visit our "Donate" page.


Why should I donate to the ReStore?

When you donate to the Bloomington ReStore, you're not only freeing up space in your home or business and making a tax-deductible donation, you're also saving items from the landfill. And most importantly, when your items are purchased at the ReStore, you're helping fund Habitat for Humanity of McLean County.


Do you pick up donations?Schedule a pickup for donations.

You can drop off your donations during our business hours (see top of page), or we provide FREE donation pick-ups. You can schedule your own pick-up through our website. We just ask that all items be in good working condition and on the ground floor.


Can I leave my items after hours?

Please do not leave your items on ReStore property. We will happily accept your donation during our store hours (see top of page), but they do need to be evaluated and processed by a ReStore staff member or volunteer. "Dumping" your items after hours is not only illegal, it is also an inconvience for your ReStore team and leaves your items exposed to the elements.



How can I start volunteering?

It's easy to become a ReStore volunteer! All you have to do is complete a 1-hour orientation any Tuesday-Friday at 9am or Saturday at 8am. After that, you're free to come make a difference any day and time we're open.


What sort of tasks does a volunteer do?

Volunteering at the ReStore is not just for the heavy lifters. (Although they're very helpful to have around!) Our volunteers process donations, clean items, price everything before it goes on the sales floor, help customers load their cars, organize shelves, answer phones, help with administrative tasks, and share their business know-how, graphic design skills, or other knowledge. If you want to help at the ReStore, we can find something together that suits where your skills--and heart--lie.