Donate, Don't Dump

donated recliner, vintage chair, couch & love seat setWe LOVE receiving your donations. Not only do we get to admire the many treasures that pass through the ReStore, we know that each donated item is a chance to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity of McLean County.


While we wish we could accept everything everyone has to offer, we have to be conscious of refusing items that we know we will not sell. That means each donation needs to be screened. We can do this when we pick up your large loads for free in our ReStore truck, or when you drop off your items at our new donation drive-through dock. (To schedule a free donation pick-up and view a list of items we can and cannot accept, click here.)


Despite donors' best intentions, we cannot accept donations that are dropped off without our knowledge. Dumping "donations" when we are closed is actually illegal and would be the same as dropping materials on anyone else's property without their permission.


Reasons dumping causes harm: Donate your items with the help of a ReStore team member

  • Items are exposed to the elements (weather, bugs, rodents, etc.) and might become damaged, and therefore unable to be sold or de-valued significantly
  • Dumped items cannot be screened
    • For example, we cannot accept tube televisions, so we have to pay to recycle them when dumped
    • A volunteer/staff member can only tell a donor which items are damaged and will not sell during our operating hours
  • Almost all dumped items end up in the trash (or we have to pay to recycle broken electronics)
    • For every donation that isn't sold, we are responsible for the disposal fees. This costs the ReStore money, which means less funds for building homes.
  • Dumped items are generally left in places that are unsafe or inconvenient for our staff, volunteers, and other donors
  • Dealing with dumped items requires extra time and effort 
    • Increases the chance of strain/injury
    • Staff members have had to come in on their days off to clean up


We welcome your donations and accept as many items and donors as possible. With your help, we can maximize our revenue to support building Habitat homes. We appreciate your understanding for donating items only during our business hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm and Saturday, 9am-4pm.

Donate–don’t dump.